Customized necklaces are now available!

September 2nd, 20106:00 am @

A few months ago you might recall I posted this lovely fabric necklace DIY. Since then I’ve only listed a few necklaces on my Etsy and have mostly focused on my terrariums. Within the next month or so I will be amping up my store with tons of jewelry and home decor that I think you will all fall in love with (if I do say so myself!). To get the ball rolling, I’ve started taking custom fabric necklace requests. My good friend Tammy had mentioned she’d love a purple or red necklace, nothing too shiny, and with a chunkier design. Here’s what I created:





If you would like to make a request, please visit my Alchemy page. Depending on your desires, necklaces will range between $10-$20. Thanks for all your support! <3

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